Internal Brand Campaign

Brand Strategy
Content Devlopment

BrandZ’s 17th most valuable global brand looking to keep the use of the brand consistent, dealt the challenge of communicating brand-mindfulness to internal employees.


The Problem

Employees around the globe use digital and print assets that inconsistently match brand standards. How do we educate the importance of brand consistency?


The Goals

  • Client – Have fun and bold communication on the importance of brand over email

  • Blue Ocean Brain – Information is best absorbed in small doses over time, in a microlearning format

  • Mine – Make the content fun to engage with, and execute the SAP brand flawlessly


The Product

SAP Brand Play, a monthly microlearning communication series on the importance of branding. Complete with tips to use company-provided brand tools.


Every piece to the puzzle has a purpose that aligns with all stakeholder’s goals. Fun attention grabbing graphics, bold tag lines, straight shooting statistics, brand supportive brain games, and an easy call to action. Working with company leadership, my brand knowledge made the content planning and mapping journey easy for employees to follow. Owner of email template design and build.

One of the hardest yet rewarding projects I’ve had the pleasure of being an integral part of. This project allowed me to work with SAP brand executives, software engineers, and fellow company leadership to produce this digital experience.



Feedback was requested and gathered after each email, giving insights in order to make the next even better. Employees rave about the experience.

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