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Corporate Brand Content Expansion

Podcast Strategy

Voice Acting
Script Writing

Driven by the mission to make every day an opportunity to learn for everyone, Blue Ocean Brain is no stranger to providing bite-sized lessons in employee development daily. How do we incorporate another way to impact learning over time that works within the UX platform as it exists now?

BOB Cast Podcast Series: Clients

The Product

BOBcasts are a series of micro-podcasts designed to give an in-depth overview of a key topic in employee development through story telling in audio invoked imagery.

BOB Cast Podcast Series: Text
BOB Cast Podcast Series: Music Player

Being the challenge seeker that I am, I jumped at the opportunity to work hand in hand with writers and audio production contractors to develop and record 15 BOBcast episodes in topics ranging from Diversity & Inclusion, Bias, Personal Growth, and Mindfulness.

BOBcasts are developed to fit strategically within existing educational content on the platform as well as future lessons to promote experiential learning over time.

BOB Cast Podcast Series: Text
BOB Cast Podcast Series: Text
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