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Ergonomics Awareness Campaign

Product Design
UX/UI Design
Graphic Design

A Fortune 500 company looking to keep their employees safe through education in ergonomics, gave the challenge to captivate their unique audience and invoke the desire to practice what is learned.

AEP Ergonomics Campaign: Clients

The Problem

Employees needed to work safer. How do we transform the mindset of field workers across the U.S. to want to engage with, and practice, safety content?

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The Goals

  • AEP – An educational experience online, in person, from the entry-level field employee to management..

  • Blue Ocean Brain – Bring fun to safety education in a microlearning format

  • Mine – Deliver UI experiences that resonate with the target audience

AEP Ergonomics Campaign: Text

The Product

Nine microlearning trainings on ergonomics written and designed on the Blue Ocean Brain UX platform with ergonomic fact-based lessons, infographics, AEP safety protocols,  and scenario-based games, transposed over PDF for individual employees and supervisors.

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AEP Ergonomics Campaign: Image

I was electric for the challenge of making ergonomics fun. I was able to use my creativity and attention to detail to code and launch 7 JSON scenario-based brain games based on real hazardous situations AEP field workers face. Along with owning the UX build, utility-specific UI design elements, and print PDF trainings, the microlearning lessons guided AEP employees to generate conversations and employ safer daily practices.

Working in hand with editors, IT services team, and company leadership, a once difficult client ask was turned into a rewarding output to be used for years to come.

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AEP Ergonomics Campaign: Pro Gallery


The product was well-received company-wide and was re-contracted to produce an additional lesson post-launch.

AEP Ergonomics Campaign: Text
AEP Ergonomics Campaign: Text
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