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Wow, Stalker Much?

Sike, you can get to know me a little more!

Consider me your friendly, neighborhood marketing nerd creating digital interactions that audiences love. I enjoy creative problem solving to generate brand-aligned content while providing a top-notch consumer experience. I’m the type to try anything once, as long as I can back it up with research and strategic alignment. 

I fell for marketing during high school DECA competitions and graduated with a bachelor of science in Product and Brand Management from Virginia Commonwealth University. My industry experience spans non-profit, B2B Saas, and B2C sales marketing across multiple channels including, email, websites, ads, social media, technical blogs, and podcasts. I work best in environments with diverse thinkers that work towards equally strategic and creative digital and brand marketing. 

On the way to becoming the next billion-dollar brand mogul, I am a co-founder of Butta Digital Creative Studio and have a decade of new ventures planned for the future. 

About Me: About Me
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